Yoga in the Garden at City Orchard

City Orchard and Loveland Yoga team up for Yoga in the Garden! Saturday, April 18th, from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. Admission includes 1-hour of yoga, a Cider Flight, and an avocado toast! $30 for Nonmembers, $15 for Loveland Members! Bring your mat and a friend! Address: 1201 Oliver St Unit #108, Houston, TX 77007

New To Yoga?

There's much to explore when you're trying out yoga for the first time. Please click below for what to expect and for your first yoga experience at Loveland Yoga!  We are offering a New Student Special for 30 days of unlimited yoga, try out all the variety of classes, for $39!*

Why Loveland Yoga

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Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Of course we all know this but did you know that those who practice yoga live longer lives? Studies show yogis who regularly practice three times a week live longer happier lives! Here at Loveland Yoga we try to bring acknowledgment, mindfulness, and compassion to not only your yoga practice but to your daily lives. Why not try the best yoga studio in Houston? Loveland Yoga! 


Strengthen your Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Are you looking for a confidante and ally?  Are you unclear on your direction or scared you will make the wrong choice in regards to your yoga practice? Loveland Yoga Studio teaches youthe tools to help you to reach all of these goals in yoga. Your confidante are our leaders to help guide you to a better you both inside and out.  Hot yoga is going to get you there!  But if you're a flow person like me, then the amount of flow classes we teach will excite you!

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Free your Spiritual Health

Improves your Physical Health, allows your Muscles to lengthen and Strengthen

Free your Spiritual Health

Here at Loveland Yoga Our Master Yoga Teachers help people to have incredible success and satisfaction in work, life, and play through practicing yoga. Yoga helps build confidence to make changes in your own life. Your spiritual inner self will discover new light and paths in places that it has never seen before. Yoga is not only a physically opening activity but also a mind-opening experience in a yoga near me, I mean you. - Loveland Yoga Studio Houston TX

Loveland Yoga Houston Locally Owned and Operated

Bobby Phelan in toe stand at Loveland Yoga studio in Houston, TX

Our Why


Why did we want to create a beautiful new clean studio named Loveland Yoga that offers a safe space for people to practice the beautiful art of yoga?  Because we believe everyone deserves the right to a safe, clean, thoughtful environment no matter who you are, what walk of life your on, or what your journey of yoga is.

Bobby and Annavy have been active yogis and yoga teachers in the community for over 10+ years. They both dedicate their lives to health and wellness. Both are competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners and love challenging themselves both physically and mentally when developing their technical skills with a challenge, whether that's Yoga or Jiu JItsu. The actual name Loveland Yoga Studio comes from a small ski resort in Loveland, Colorado which they spend every year with their grandfather snowboarding. The space reminds them of a loving town, smalll and quaint, where everyone knows eachother's names and cares about eachother's well being. 

We want to provide a safe space free from judgment,  any criticism, and discrimination for all to practice yoga. It should not matter your size, your age, your anything, we are a true open-hearted all accepting yoga studio for all and any to come and practice yoga. Yoga will be the tool we teach all to help each and every Houstonian how to become life champions both on and off the mat. It does not matter what part of the yoga journey you are,  we as owners, are both present at the studio every day to help make not only the process of checking into your class easier but your yoga journey a happy and safe journey.

At Loveland Yoga, we are :

1) Easy to find with easy access to parking, with signs facing both Ella and 34th St. We understand driving in Houston may be tough so we strategically chose a location that allows everyone to drive and find us safely! We are also very proud of our local amazing community!  From getting your eyes checked at Look Eye Care or grabbing a bite to eat at Les Beget, to finishing the day with some delicious dessert at Bubble Egg! You could spend the entire day at the complex and have an amazing day! We have actually spent time with our neighbors, who are also locally owned and operated, shared  busines strife together and have started our business together at the same time. We truly love our neighbors, we hope you do as well. 

2) Super friendly, knowledgable, caring, self-driven,  mindful, compassion, woke Loveland Yoga Staff and Teachers who are there to help you on your yoga journey whether it's getting settled into your class or having questions. Both owners have strong studio, as well as yoga community involvement and pressence, showing their level of care and trust in not only yoga but the people.

We are the studio that believes that everyone is unique. Everyone who enters the door is treated with respect and kindness, while still offering a great yoga class.   Do you have any specific questions or concerns? Recovering from an injury? Does your neck feel a little tweaky? Please feel free to connect with anyone of our Loveland members and we will gladly help in any specific attention that you may need. We are here for YOU, without you we would be nothing, we just want to ensure that each and every yoga student feels fullfilled with happy enriched lives.  You are not just a number here, we honestly place a great deal into care, thoughtfulness, and love into each and every student we meet.

3) Offering a variety of classes suitable for all levels from your advanced yogi to your beginner friendly classes that are warm and hot! Great for those who are seeking variety in classes and in yoga instructors. Are you unsure what class is best for you? Click our 'Class Types' page for full details! Are you new to yoga? Click our 'New to yoga' page for full details on what to expect on your first few visits!

We here at Loveland Yoga are committed, honest, diligent, dedicated, and truly care about your yoga journey to the next step. We have a deep drive to nourish, love, and grow a great yoga community bond and friendship in the Houston area and offer a space all yogis of any level a creative space to be themselves, feel cared about, and leave feeling great.


Loveland Yoga Studio

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